Spectacular Rail Adventures

Spectacular Rail Adventures in North America

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Take the Train to Our National Parks

I always feel more connected to life when visiting a national park. I don’t know if it’s walking through the forest or breathing the fresh air that inspires me. Yet, each visit to a park like Yosemite or Mt. Lassen is like a spiritual awakening. I understand the beauty and power of nature and feel part of it.

I love that Amtrak Vacations offers us the chance get to many of these national parks by train. Amtrak Vacations specializes in escorted and independent train trips, and has put together some spectacular rail adventures in North America. But, you might be thinking why you should take the train to these national treasures.

Four Reasons To Take the Train

  1. The Experience. There’s just something about a long-distance rail journey that adds to the experience. You get to watch the scenery roll by while dining or even reading a book. At least for me, riding the train is part of the adventure.
  2. History. Train travel and the US national parks have a long history together. In fact, the railroads helped establish the first national parks such as Yellowstone and Yosemite. Today, you can retrace the footsteps of early explorers Lewis and Clark aboard Amtrak’s Empire Builder, or ride Amtrak’s Southwest Chief for a journey through historic lands to the Grand Canyon.
  3. Access. Some of the most popular national parks, including Glacier National Park and the Grand Canyon, have train stations just steps from their entrance! On some routes, Amtrak brings aboard volunteer guides who enrich the travel experience for passengers.
  4. Traveler Friendly. Forget about long security lines, fees for luggage, and airport stress. Likewise, families enjoying sleeping accommodations aboard the train don’t need to worry about meals, rest stops or where to spend the night. Solo travelers can unwind in peace and quiet, or move about the train and meet new friends.

Learn More About Taking The Train to Visit National Parks.

Coastal Passage to Banff with Rocky Mountaineer

I also often dream about rolling along through some of the most amazing scenery on the planet further north,the Canadian Rockies. In fact, seeing this ruggedly beautiful landscape on a slow moving train is on the top of my bucket list.

The Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury train that takes you into the heart of Canada and the Canadian Rockies. Because it only travels by day, you don’t miss any of the sights.

Recently, the Rocky Mountaineer added rail service from Seattle to Vancouver, along the coastline. This service connects passengers to the journeys inland through the Rockies.


On The Rocky Mountaineer, you experience first-class service during the day while you travel and sleep in wonderful hotels along the way. You’ll also get time to explore your destinations.

Snap Shot of the Journey to Banff

Trip Length: 6 days/5 nights

Destinations: Seattle, Vancouver, Kamlopps, Banff

Itinerary: Travel along the First Passage to the West and Coastal Passage Routes.

  • Day 1 – Tour Seattle
  • Day 2 – Seattle to Vancouver on board the train
  • Day 3 – Free day in Vancouver
  • Day 4 – Vancouver to Kamloops on board the train
  • Day 5 – Kamloops to Banff on board the train

You can also take this trip in reverse. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a week.

See the entire itinerary or view a Rocky Mountaineer brochure.

We can book these spectacular rail adventures for you. We make travel planning easy.

Featured photo by Damian Gadal. Creative Commons License

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