Are You Ready to Go on Your Next Adventure?

Greenward Travel can get you ready to go on your next adventure.I love working with leisure travelers looking for a new kind of adventure. First, I research and learn all about premier suppliers offering unique adventures, so you don’t have to. Second, I also work with travel suppliers who follow green and sustainable tourism practices. Then, I can help you travel with a smaller carbon footprint by exploring the world with slower and more eco-friendly modes of travel. Finally, I hope to connect you with nature and culture on your travels for a more rewarding experience.

I specialize in connecting you with all types of unique and active adventures, including small ship cruises, rail travel, biking trips, and magical Disney vacations. 

Travel Booking Services

As an independent contractor with Travel Quest and a member of Travel Leaders, I can help you plan and book all kinds of travel.

What You Do

  • Contact Greenward Travel.
  • Let me me know what type of adventure you’re thinking about and when and where you’d like to go.
  • I do the rest.

What You Get

  • A quick, personal response to your request.
  • I will provide suggested trips or itineraries based on your request, along with a cost proposal for each itinerary.
  • Based on your feedback, we will adjust the plans until we have planned the perfect trip.
  • I will book the adventure for you when you’re ready. Once your travel plans are confirmed, I will provide you with an electronic itinerary you can view on all your devices.
  • I am available to assist you at any time prior to and during your travel.
  • Personalized service.

Fee Schedule

Why do I charge service fees? Because I am an independent contractor, I only get paid if we work together. While some travel providers pay commissions when I book your travel, others do not, and commissions vary. However, I want to connect you with the best travel options for your plans, including with suppliers who do not pay commissions. My fees will reflect if I expect to earn commission.

Planning & research fees, billed when travel proposals provided:

  • Tours, cruises, and independent packages: $25 – $75.
  • Custom rail adventures in Europe, US, Canada: $150 – $250
  • Bike Tours: $50

Booking fees for stand alone airline and rail tickets:

  • Basic: One-way or round trip ticket. $25 research fee due billed at delivery of itinerary options. Plus $25 booking fee billed when reservations booked.
  • Multi-City: Travel to more than one destination. $25 research fee for each destination billed at delivery of itinerary options. $50 booking fee billed when reservations booked.

Travel Planning Tools

Greenward Travel offers a curated on-line Trip Library for booking hotels and researching a variety of tours, cruises and destinations. Look there for some of the latest travel deals.

We also offer a virtual brochure rack with information from travel suppliers we think you’ll love.

Please read our blog for information, news, and stories about our favorite places and travel suppliers.

Contact us when you’re ready to book and go on your next adventure! We can save you time and a bunch of legwork by booking for you.

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