Avanti Destinations Independent Travel

Avanti Destinations is a premier independent traveler tour operator available only to travel agents.

As your agent, I work with Avanti Destinations to put together your dream itinerary. Together, we personally select authentic options that match the experience you want. In fact, Avanti Destinations offers hand-picked, locally owned hotels in large and small cities and hard-to-find-options for experienced travelers.

Specialty programs in Europe include:

  • Cooking classes in France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, and Spain
  • Food and wine programs in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, and Spain
  • Castles, châteaux, and manor house stays in Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, and Wales
  • Rail programs connecting the major cities of Europe
  • Biking programs in Italy
  • Hiking programs in Italy and Spain
  • Self-drive programs in Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, and Wales
  • Villas in Italy
  • B&Bs in Ireland and Scotland
  • Vespa Tour in Tuscany

Other Destinations

Avanti Destinations offers products around the world, including destinations in South and Central America, Asia, and North America.