Kayakers enjoying waters from Costa Rica Small Ship Cruise

Costa Rica Small Ship Cruise Adventure

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sail off the coast of Costa Rica on a small ship cruise adventure? If so, UnCruise Adventures has the cruise you’re looking for. If you’ve never thought about it before, you will now.

I know this all sounds a bit hyperbolic. But, I hadn’t really thought much about cruising until I discovered UnCruise Adventures. Likewise, Costa Rica wasn’t really on my personal bucket list either. For sure, I knew Costa Rica is a popular destination, especially for snorkelers and divers. It all sounded beautiful, and even luxurious. Yet, I still longed for small cobble-stoned streets in Europe.

UnCruise in Costa Rica

When I learned about UnCruise Adventures, my story changed. First, I’m an outdoor adventurer and don’t really like super big crowds. So, the idea of a small ship cruise appealed to me. And, I really liked the idea of taking a cruise that offers all types of outdoor adventures.

That’s where UnCruise fits in. You see, these cruises offer hands-on exploration with nature on small boats with no more than 88 passengers. Second, after watching a video about UnCruise’s adventures in Costa Rica, Costa Rica surged to the top of my list.

During the video, I watched passengers in kayaks paddling in clear waters. Hikers explored the jungle. I wanted to learn more about these cruises. So, I dove in, and here’s what I learned:

  • All ships only have 22 – 88 passengers on board.
  • The passenger to crew ratio is 2.5 :1.
  • Cruise price actually includes just about everything, except air fare, port fees & taxes, and gratuity.
  • Open bridge policy that lets you watch the sailing in action.
  • Some ships have special kayak launching platforms making it easier to get in and out of the kayaks.
  • Remote ports-of-call. Because the ships are so small, they can anchor all sorts of places the big ships can’t. Sometimes, the ships might even make detours to head into a beautiful cove or watch wildlife.

This list just touches the surface about how UnCruise Adventures are not your typical cruise.

You can learn more about UnCruise Adventures here.

Kayaking in the Jungle in Costa Rica
Kayaking in the Jungle, Image Source: UnCruise Adventures

The Costa Rica Sailings

Ultimate Costa Rica & Panama

This sailing has it all. During a 15-day exploration on board The Safari Voyager, you’ll experience the Darién Jungle, see colonial forts and tropical islands, and go through the Panamá Canal. You’ll get the chance to kayak, hike, snorkel, and explore along the way.

Favorite Cruise Highlights:

  • Panamá Canal transit
  • Two national parks, one wildlife refuge, and a conservation area
  • Spot sloths, howler monkeys, scarlet macaws while hiking
  • Gatun Lake small boat wildlife exploration
  • Discover indigenous cultures of the Guna Indians and Emberá people
  • Wildlife viewing in Darién Jungle by motorized dugout canoe
  • Bird watching along the Chagres River
  • Tour UNESCO World Heritage Site Fort San Lorenzo

Ultimate Costa Rica Brochure

Unveiled Wonders – Costa Rica & Panama Canal

This is a somewhat shorter cruise aboard the Safari Voyager. On this 9-day cruise, you’ll also have the chance to watch jungle wildlife and whales. Activities on board include kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and exploring by skiff.

Favorite Cruise Highlights:

  • Transit the Panamá Canal
  • Visit a national park, one wildlife refuge, and conservation area
  • Snorkel and beachcomb on Panamá’s Granito de Oro
  • Stroll a butterfly- and flower-rich tropical botanical reserve
  • Off-the-beaten path exploration


Costa Rica Beaches & Jungles

This 8-night Costa Rica small ship cruise aboard the Safari Voyager gets you exploring scenic beaches and bio-diverse jungles. The route sails from the north Guanacaste beaches to the forests of Osa Conservation Area. Each day, you’ll wonder at the country’s diverse landscapes, flora and fauna.

Favorite Cruise Highlights:

  • Discover two distinct coastal, tropical environments
  • Visit national parks and a wildlife refuge
  • Hike forests search of wildlife, such as sloths, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, and scarlet macaws
  • Paddle board and snorkel in marine-life rich Papagayo Gulf
  • Kayak and skiff among the mangroves of Golfo Dulce

Beaches & Jungles Brochure

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